3 Crore cost .. 70 Crore collection .. That's 'Premalu' movie specialty!

Source From: ENT 2024-02-29 12:35:16

Malayalam movies are made on a very low budget and earn huge collections. The way they take a simple line and develop it is great. After the advent of OTT platforms, an awareness of what Malayalam content looks like has grown in the audience. That's why they are showing interest in Malayalam movies.

So now 'Premalu' seems to be the movie that everyone is talking about. This movie was released in Malayalam on 9th of this month. It was released worldwide on 15th due to good response. The budget allocated for this movie is only 3 crores. So far this movie has collected more than 70 crores, which means that it can be understood in what range the content is connected. According to the story, the shooting of this movie is happening in Hyderabad.
The rights of this film in Telugu have been acquired by S.S. Karthikeya owns. He is planning to release this movie on 8th March. It is reported that Hot Star has got the OTT rights of this movie. Directed by Girish, Naslane .. Mamita .. Altaf Saleem .. Meenakshi Ravindran .. Akhila Bhargava played the lead roles.