I was dropped from two films because of one hero: Senior heroine Kasturi

Source From: ENT 2024-02-29 12:30:51

In 1990, Kasturi showed her strength as a heroine. In Telugu ... Tamil .. Malayalam .. Kannada movies, she has made noise in many movies. After that she was busy doing films as a character artist on one side and serials on the other side. Recently, she reached more Telugu audience through 'Intinti Gruhalakshmi' serial. 

In an interview, Kasturi said, "I was supposed to do three films with a hero. He started torturing me during the shooting of the first film. I expressed my impatience with him crossing his limits. Because of that, he dropped me from the other two films." 

"I didn't feel bad because I was left out of the other two films. I thought it was for the best. Because it's not for me to act while cursing in my heart and smiling." So who is that hero has become a topic of discussion on social media.