Fitness sensation Guru Mann, who is gearing up for his film ‘Pagalpan Next Level

Source From: ENT 2023-10-24 12:23:32

Fitness sensation Guru Mann, who is gearing up for his film ‘Pagalpan Next Level’, has called the film a cathartic journey as he said that portraying himself in his own biopic was a powerful reflection of his triumph and transformation.

The movie is an embodiment of Guru’s relentless pursuit of a dream, and offers a raw and authentic portrayal of his extraordinary journey. 

From his early days as a spirited troublemaker in Amritsar to becoming a global fitness icon through his ‘Mission India Fit’, the film captures the heart of Mann's inspiring story.

It's not just about showcasing his success, it's about the hardships, the challenges, and the transformative moments that shaped him into the fitness colossus he is today.

Playing himself in ‘Pagalpan Next Level’ was a journey within a journey as Guru shared, "To view my life and journey objectively on screen, I had to revisit some of the most difficult and challenging times I've faced. It was a cathartic experience, a process of reliving moments that shaped me, both as a person and as a fitness enthusiast. The raw and authentic portrayal was essential to showcase not just my triumphs but the obstacles I overcame to reach where I am today."