Sukesh Chandrashekhar sends legal notice to Mika Singh over comment on Jacqueline's pic

Source From: ENT 2023-10-05 11:44:56

Alleged conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar has sent a legal notice to popular singer-composer Mika Singh over his comment on actress Jacqueline Fernandez's Instagram photo featuring herself with Hollywood actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, best known for his martial arts action films.

Recently, Mika's comment on the pic, which read, "You are looking so beautiful.., he is much better than #sukesh..," quickly drew widespread attention before the singer deleted it.

“Your statement has triggered extensive public discourse about our client's character and personality, subjecting him to a de facto trial by media. This situation is exacerbating his existing distress and poses significant challenges due to relentless media scrutiny,” read the notice sent by Sukesh’s lawyer Anant Malik. 

“Our client is a man of repute and enjoys goodwill in the Indian film industry, various business houses and political circles. He holds goodwill and reputation both nationally and at a global level. You yourself being a member of the Bollywood industry are is very well aware of the struggles one faces to build his/her name in this field. However, your comment has not only tarnished our client's image but has also adversely affected his personal and professional life,” it added. 

“It is further being made clear to you that such vilification is a deliberate, desperate act on your part to malign and tarnish the reputation of our client, and our client will not tolerate such behaviour. You are, therefore, put to notice that by your derogatory comment, you have committed serious criminal offence of defamation, and are therefore liable to be prosecuted, inter-alia, under the provisions of Sections 499/500 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860,” the notice said.