'Alternative' pharmacies new hubs of Goa's drugs biz

Source From: ENT 2022-05-15 09:01:02

Not its beaches, not the bars, not the shady shacks, alternative pharmacies may well have emerged as the new hub for the drug trade in Goa, according to the state police.

Already known for its narcotics trade, the tiny state is now facing another form of addiction where medicinal products suspected to be containing cannabis are sold in pharmacies. One such pharmacy was raided by the police in Porvorim in North Goa on May 11, and cannabis-based medicinal products worth around Rs 2.23 lakh were seized.

According to North Goa Superintendent of Police Shobhit Saxena, the police raided the pharmacy and found various products containing cannabis being displayed for sale. "Upon enquiring about the permissions or licences required for selling cannabis based products in a store in Goa, the staff was unable to provide any documents," Saxena said.

"Accordingly, as no permission was found for selling the cannabis-based medicines and products in Goa from any authority, the police seized all the products weighing approximately 7 kgs. Total worth Rs 2.23 lakh," Saxena added.