'Encanto' actress Stephanie Beatriz inspired by Simu Liu to become an action star

Source From: ENT 2022-05-10 01:03:29

'Encanto' star Stephanie Beatriz has teamed up with McDonald's for 'Spotlight Dorado', a short film contest for Latino talent.

"McDonald's has a long history of fostering community. Not only do they essentially feed the community, but they also are trying to sort of put a spotlight on and empower and amplify Latino voices," Beatriz told 'Variety'.

"'Spotlight Dorado' is going to be a multi-year platform that does that. For this year, they're specifically focusing on film, which is really, really thrilling."

The competition is open to US-based Latino writers, directors and producers, with a submission deadline of June 3.

Three finalists will be awarded a production budget of $75,000 and receive mentorship from industry leaders, including Beatriz and 'Raya and the Last Dragon' director Carlos Lopez Estrada.

"It's really hands on," Beatriz said.

"It doesn't feel like, in some instances like it can be a corporation going, 'Let's put this money here' and kind of leave it, but this is doing something that Gloria Calderon Kellett has talked a lot about."

"You can't just give the job to someone, you have to give the job and then show them and teach them how to keep moving forward in their industry with that momentum. 'Spotlight Dorado' is doing that."

Beatriz recalls that when she was starting out, Latino mentors were "few and far between."

"I started my career in theatre," she said.