Shubhangi Atre credits her observational skills for 'Angoori' character

Source From: ENT 2022-04-11 10:48:22

Popular actress Shubhangi Atre opens up on how the show 'Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai' gave her an opportunity to grow as an actor.

"'Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai' is one of the major milestones of my career and has created a big, unforgettable impact on my life. I am thankful to the makers for allowing me to be a part of this cult comedy show on Indian television. I have always admired and embraced Angoori, as this character has taught me a lot. I have played many different characters in my career."

"However, Angoori's role has been refreshingly different and allowed me to explore the comedy genre. It is an iconic character that has struck a chord with the audience. The role has given me fame, recognition, immense love and appreciation from the audience.

"But looking at the love my character Angoori receives for her desipan, innocence, and simplicity, I think I have made the best decision by taking up this show and the character," adds the actress on how her character allowed her to explore comedy as a genre.

Ask her how tough it is to make the audience laugh and she replies: "Making someone laugh is not easy. It is indeed quite challenging. I did take time to get completely into Angoori's character. My director, Shashank Bali, and writer Manoj Santoshi guided and helped me understand the character's nuances and comic timing."

"As an actor, I believe I possess the necessary quality of good observation. As a child, I observed the behaviour of small-town women, which helped me form my character. As an actor, I feel that our lives are much more difficult. Making the audience laugh daily is a tough job, but it's all about team effort, and we are working hard on this," she shares.

She has been in the industry for so long how it has evolved with time in terms of content. The actress further briefs how OTT is inspiring the makers to make more realistic and experimental stories.